Not bad

22 Moon at War is a strategy building game set in the future. Earth's resources are depleted, but space exploration has found Giese 581, which can be mined and provide for humanity.

Manage a mining company in Space, and bring the resulting ore to Earth to trade. You can play 22 Moon at War in full screen mode, which allows you to see more of the playing field. There's a comprehensive tutorial that takes you through building your mining corporation. Once completed, you must build up your strengths and defend against competing players.

The graphics in 22 Moon at War are average for this type of game, but they are detailed. Full screen mode is nice, although the gameplay is very much standard. To upgrade your utilities means clicking then waiting a set number of minutes. If you enjoy this type of slow paced strategy game, 22 Moon at War is perfectly adequate, but has nothing that really makes it stand out from the crowd.

22 Moon at War is a pretty average sci-fi themed strategy game, with a gentle pace and potentially endless gameplay.

22 Moon at War


22 Moon at War

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